Motor vehicles frontal protection systems test bench


As a CM4 product line there is the test bench for the approval of frontal protection systems on motor vehicles, according to the provisions of Directive 2006/368/EC of the European Parliament.
The equipment is able to perform approval tests indicated by leg, hip and heats simulators. 
Among the main features of the equipment highlights:
Repeatability of tests
• Easy adjustment of the different modules to perform the tests at different heights, distances and degrees.
• Pneumatic supply: compressed air. Required pressure: 9 bar
• Power supply: 380V three phase. Power consumption: 1.5 Kw.
• Speed of test: up to 11 m / s
• Repeat accuracy: ± 0.05 m / s
• Total weight: 1,700 kg
• Dimensions: 4800 (L), 6200 (w), 2700 (h).