Machine for levelling and weighing train box automaticallyServo positioning system-controlled and precise weighing.

Servo-controlled system for the determination of the shims to be placed between the bogie and the carbody, so that the loads on such supports are as uniform as possible. The position of the centre of the mass is determined in the same operation.

The system, controlled by a PLC and a PC, completely automates both the level of the support points and the balance of forces on these points and corresponding shims to be placed between the bogie and the carbody.

  •  Power supply: 380 V.
  • Power consumption: 3.5 KW.
  • Servo-controlled machine.
  • Control System and data logging computer managed by a computer.
  • Hydraulic system with adjustable flow.
  • 200kN hydraulic cylinders.
  • 25TM load cells.
  • Auto-levelling  by laser. Automatic positioning.