Deflection mechanisms developed and built by CM4 for CAF (Link). This device keeps the front GAP regardless of fluctuations in the slopes of the track. By locking system prevents any object or person goes under the car in case of collision or accident.

The system has been tested by computer simulations, physical simulations of impact at our facilities and real simulations of at Zaragoza and Nantes tram tracks.
Eight models have been designed and built. 448 mechanisms have been mounted on a total of 224 trams:


·         Vitoria (ESP)                    26u.

·         Edinburgh (GBR)          52u.

·         Zaragoza (ESP)              88u.

·         Sevilla (ESP)                   16u.

·         Belgrade (SRB)              30u.

·         Malaga (ESP)                  26u.


·         Granada (ESP)               26u.

·         Nantes (FRA)                  26u.

·         Besançon (FRA)             38u.

·         Cuiabá (BRA)                  80u.

·         Birmingham (GBR)        40u.

·         Sidney (AUS)                   12u